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MCO Reserve: How to Skip the Long Security Line at Orlando Airport for FREE

Orlando’s MCO airport is notorious for having a ridiculously long TSA security line. It is, after all, THE busiest airport in Florida and the 11th busiest in the entire US (source).

If you have TSA Precheck or Clear, you can avoid these long lines. But both those services take time to set up and money that many folks either don’t have or don’t want to spend if they are infrequent travelers.

But guess what? None of that matters because there’s a way to bypass the security line at MCO without TSA Precheck or Clear – and it’s totally free!

In this post, I’ll provide clear instructions on how to skip the long MCO security line without needing a TSA Precheck or Clear subscription so you can breeze right through.

Keep reading to learn how to use the new MCO Reserve service.

Using MCO Reserve

Passengers who don’t have TSA Precheck or Clear with a flight that leaves between 6:30 AM and 8:30 PM from terminals are eligible for this time-saving service.

And while the service is managed by Clear, it does not require a Clear subscription and is 100% free.

All you have to do is reserve a time slot up to 72 hours ahead of your departure.

Step 1: Reserve a time slot

Screenshot of the first page of the MCO Reserve reservation form.
Screenshot courtesy of Clear.

On the MCO Reserve form, choose the date, destination, airline, and flight. If you have a layover, select the first stop on your flight, not your destination. Click Next.

Select your party size. You can reserve a spot for up to 10 passengers. So if you’re traveling with family or a group, you only need to make one reservation. Click Next.

Select the checkpoint that corresponds with the terminal you’re flying out of. You’ll likely only have one selection to choose from since you’ve already entered your flight details. Then select the time you’d like to go through security. Click Next.

Add your first and last name, mobile phone number, and email. Click next.

Confirm your appointment details. It will show your party size, security checkpoint, date and time. Click Create an Appointment.

Step 2: Head to the MCO Reserve line

When you get to the airport, head to the dedicated MCO Reserve line for your terminal.

Look for the green sign above the line or on the side. There’s sometimes an attendant waiting by the sign on the side to direct passengers in case your unsure.

Once there, an attendant will scan the reservation QR code that is sent via email after you book your reservation time.

From there, you’ll then move on to the TSA agent to check your boarding pass and ID and go through security. That’s it!

Since the service only allows so many reservations each 15 minutes, it keeps your wait time at an absolute minimum.

If you get there a little bit early or late, there’s a 10 minute grace window before and after your reserved time.

Plus if you arrive super early, you can edit your reservation for an earlier slot, as long as there’s a slot available.

Other airports with Reserve

Photo of a plane taking off at LAX airport.

Wishing other airports had this option? You’re in luck – it’s available at 19 additional airports in the US, Canada, and Europe.

USA Reserve lines

  1. Denver (DEN)
  2. Los Angeles (LAX)*
  3. New York (JFK)
  4. Phoenix (PHX)
  5. Minneapolis (MSP)
  6. Newark (EWR)
  7. Seattle (SEA)

*While the Anaheim airport is closer to Disneyland, LAX is frequently used by visitors due to its ability to serve more flights. At LAX, this service is referred to as LAX Fast Lane.

Canada Reserve lines

  1. Calgary (YYC)
  2. Halifax (YHZ)
  3. Montreal (YUL)
  4. Toronto (YYZ)
  5. Vancouver (YVR)
  6. Edmonton (YEG)

Europe Reserve lines

  1. Amsterdam (AMS)
  2. Berlin (BER)
  3. Frankfurt (FRA)
  4. Hannover (HAJ)
  5. London (LHR)
  6. Rome (FCO)

Will you try MCO Reserve on your next visit to Disney World?

Personally, I have Global Entry with TSA Precheck, but on my next visit with family who don’t have Precheck, we’ll definitely be using this!

Let me know if you’ve tried this new free service at Orlando’s airport and what your experience was like in the comments below.

See you at the parks!

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