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35 Best Mandalorian Quotes to Convince You This is the Way

One of the most beloved franchises in all pop culture, Star Wars has been making waves since 1977.

One of its most popular characters is arguably the Mandalorian bounty hunter, Din Djarin – also known as Mando.

With two successful seasons under his belt, and another one on the way this year, Mando and his clan have provided us with some unforgettable moments and classic lines that speak to our inner fandom-selfs and make us proud to be Star Wars fanatics!

In this blog post I’ll countdown 50 memorable quotes from the first two seasons of The Mandalorian that everyone can appreciate.

So whether you’re a die hard stan or just getting into the show, let’s explore these iconic Mandalorian quotes together!

Best quotes from The Mandalorian, Season 1

Photo of The Mandalorian helmet worn by Din Djarin with a psychedelic pink, orange, and violet overlay. Text overlay reads "I can bring you in warm or I can bring you in cold."

The Mandalorian debuted on Disney+ in November of 2019 and quickly become a Star Wars fan favorite.

Season 1 follows the Mandalorian, a mysterious loner on a dangerous mission across the galaxy.

During his journey, he meets allies, faces enemies, and discovers a mythological creature that he is sworn to protect.

With memorable lines like “This is the way” and “I have spoken,” viewers were instantly glued to their seats wanting more from each episode.

Let’s countdown the top Mandalorian quotes from season 1.

I can bring you in warm or I can bring you in cold.

In the opening scene of season 1, we meet The Mandalorian, who is tracking a target.

After a scuffle with some bar patrons, he finally has the target cornered, to whom he says this badass line.

Later in episode 5, Riot Mar tries to use this line against Mando, to which he retorts, “That’s my line.” Gotta love the meta humor!

This is the way.

Perhaps the most famous lines from The Mandalorian is this frequent statement, which was first stated by The Armorer (Emily Swallow) in Chapter 3: The Sin.

This is not only one of the best Mandalorian quotes, but probably the most frequently repeated, too!

I have spoken.

Another famous Mandalorian quote is Kuiil’s famous retort, “I have spoken.” It’s basically his way of saying I said what I said.

Come on, baby! Do the magic hand thing.

In the final chapter of season 1, Greef, Cara, Mando, and The Child are under attack. After all, Mando swore to protect our little baby Yoda!

In a bit of desperation, Greef blurts out this classic line.

I like those odds.

When Mando meets up with The Client, he gets spooked when Dr. Pershing enters the room unexpectedly, causing him to draw his weapons – and the Stormtroopers do the same.

One of the troopers tries to reason with him by saying “We have you 4 to 1.” To which Mando responds, “I like those odds.”

You want some soup?

After a bit of a tussle with Cara Dune when they first meet, The Mandalorian breaks the tension with this offer of something warm.

Take the bait, you hunk of junk.

Mando expresses some frustration when trying to bait an AT-ST in Chapter 4: Sanctuary, giving us all a one-liner to repeat for seasons to come.

No living thing has seen me without my helmet since I swore the Creed.

Throughout season 1, The Mandalorian is seemingly faceless. He always has his full-face helmet on, only removing it in private.

Earlier in the season, Cara Dune asks, “So what happens if you take that thing off? They come after you and kill you?”

To which Mando responds, “No. You just can’t ever put it back on again,” letting us know why he takes this helmet thing so seriously.

But after getting severely injured in a battle, IG-11 convinces Mando to remove it in order to nurse him back to health by reminding Mando, “I am not a living thing.”

You speak terrible Jawa. You sound like a Wookiee.

When Kuiil and Mando attempt to reason with the Jawa (who I’m convinced are distant cousins of Minions), Mando breaks out some rusty Jawa, much to their humor.

I would like to see the baby.

I’m not sure what made this line from The Client more popular – the original scene itself or its resurgence as a wildly popular TikTok sound! The Client, of course, is referring to The Child.

You have something I want.

Gus Fring, er Moff Gideon, is a master at being threatening and scary while at the same time being absolutely chill.

In this scene, he closes in on The Mandalorian, Cara, and The Child – whom he desperately wants.

Moff Gideon: “You have something I want.”

Cara Dune: “Who’s this guy?”

MG: “You may think you have some idea of what you are in possession of, but you do not.

The Mandalorian: Kuiil, are you back to the ship yet? They’re onto us. Kuiil, come in!

MG: And in a few moments, it will be mine.

TM: Kuiil, do you copy? Kuiil?

MG: It means more to me than you will ever know.

More Mandalorian quotes from Season 1

From the very first episode of The Mandalorian, Star Wars fans old and new were understandably hooked on this witty show.

Here are a bunch more of my favorite quotes from season 1 of The Mandalorian.

Bounty hunting is a complicated profession. – The Client

Such a large bounty for such a small package. – The Client

No one will be free until the old ways are gone forever. – Kuiil

There is nothing to be sad about. I have never been alive. – IG-11

Our secrecy is our survival. Our survival is our strength. – The Armorer

I’m a Mandalorian. Weapons are part of my religion. – The Mandalorian

When one chooses to walk the way of the Mandalore, you are both hunter and prey. – The Armorer

IG-11: “It appears we are trapped. I will initiate self destruct sequencing.”

Mando: “Whoa! You’re what!?”

Mando: Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to walk to my ship with the kid and you’re gonna let it happen.

Greef Karga: No. How about this? WE take the kid. And if you try to stop us, we kill you and we strip your body for parts.

Cara Dune: This has been a real treat. But unless you want another round, one of us is gonna have to move on, and I was here first.

Mando: Well, looks like this planet’s taken.

Mando: My ship has been destroyed. I’m trapped here.

Kuiil: Stripped. Not destroyed. The Jawas steal. They DON’T destroy.

Mando: Stolen or destroyed. Makes no difference to me.

Best quotes from The Mandalorian, Season 2

Graphic with a photo of a Grogu toy. Text above and below the photo reads "Wherever I go...he goes..."

Season 2 of The Mandalorian had us all quoting our favorite Mandalorian sayings as Din Djarin grew and developed throughout the season.

After a tense introduction, Din was forced to betray his Mandalorian code and work alongside an old rival to rescue a young bounty, Grogu.

Throughout their adventure, we watched as Din went from a lone Mandalorian trying to protect his code to a father figure, who was willing to make difficult decisions for the greater good.

From touching reunions with fan favorites Cara Dune and Bo-Katan Kryze to explosive battles with Boba Fett, we were taken on an epic journey that reaffirmed the power of family and friendship.

As we watched each character grow together and come full circle, it’s no wonder audiences everywhere were left with Mandalorian quotes on their lips!

Come here, you little womp rat.

In the season 2 opener, we get a playful nickname for The Child from Peli Motto.

Oh! Thank the Force! This little thing had me worried sick. Come here, you little womp rat. – Peli Motto

Later in the episode, Motto says what we’re all thinking: “Ah, looks like it remembers me. How much do you want for it? Just kidding. Not really.”

Oh, stop yer cryin’. You’ll rust.

Motto is just full of one-liners, it seems. This one is directed at The Mandalorian, who infamously never takes off his metal helmet. It was said by Motto in Chapter 10.

There is only one way: the way of the Mandalore.

The Mandalorian affirms his commitment when speaking with Bo-Katan, also a Mandalore, but one of a sketchy offshoot called the Death Watch.

Wherever I go, he goes.

Another famous line from the series comes from The Mandalorian himself, as said in Chapter 12: The Siege, referring to The Child.

A wise Jedi master named Yoda.

In this scene between The Mandalorian and Ahsoka Tano, we finally learn The Child’s name: Grogu, and his connection to Yoda.

His attachment to you makes him vulnerable to his fears. His anger.

Ahsoka Tano, a Jedi, explains to The Mandalorian why she will not train Grogu.

May the Force be with you.

In Chapter 13: The Jedi, Ahsoka Tano utters those famous words we’ve heard in many a Star Wars film and show.

A Mandalorian and a Jedi? They’ll never see it coming.

Truer words couldn’t be spoken. The Mandalorians and Jedi historically do not get along – and that’s putting it mildly. No one would ever suspect the two to team up together.

You’re very special, kid. We’re gonna find that place you belong, and they’re gonna take real good care of you.

Does anyone else swoon when The Mandalorian and Grogu act like father and son, kind of like this scene? It’s just too cute!

He means more to me than you will ever know.

The Mandalorian uses Moff Gideon’s own words from Season 1 when trying to rescue Grogu from the evil Empire.

You have something I want. You may think you have some idea of what you’re in possession of, but you do not. Soon, he will be back with me. He means more to me than you will ever know. – The Mandalorian

I’ll see you again. I promise.

In a bittersweet scene in Chapter 16, the last episode of season 2, The Mandalorian assures Grogu that they will see each other again while trying to hand him off to Luke Skywalker.

Well, if that isn’t the Quacta calling the Stifling slimy.

I had to laugh when this came out of Boba Fett’s mouth. It reminds me of one of Princess Leia’s iconic insults, “scruffy looking nerf herder.”

The darksaber, it belongs to you.

Moff Gideon informs The Mandalorian that since he has defeated him, the darksaber is his.

But Mando doesn’t want it and tries to hand it off to Bo-Katan, who desperately wants it but won’t take it because she didn’t earn it.

Quotes from The Mandalorian, Season 3

Season 3 of our favorite space cowboy adventure returns in March 2023.

Stay tuned while the season unwraps itself, sure to deliver more excellent Mandalorian quotes for our entertainment.

What are your favorite Mandalorian quotes?

Drop your favorite one-liners or scenes in the comments below. Now let’s get ready for another epic season!

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