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Epcot Festival of the Arts: A Complete Guide

The Epcot Festival of the Arts takes place annually at Walt Disney World Resort in January and February.

It features various forms of arts, including performing arts, culinary arts, painting, drawing, and more.

Sound like something you’re interested in? Check out this guide for help planning your visit to the Epcot Festival of the Arts.

When is the 2023 Epcot Festival of Arts?

Photo of the Epcot ball with a rainbow light on it with a sign for the Epcot Festival of the Arts in the foreground.
Photo by David Roark, courtesy of Disney.

This year, the Epcot Festival of Arts takes place from January 13 through February 20, 2023.

It is the second shortest festival at Epcot, running just a few days longer than the Epcot International Festival of the Holidays.

Check out these monthly planning guides for tips on visiting in January and February:

Before you go, check the Disney on Broadway concert schedule

Photo of a man performing on a stage with musicians and a mural from Lion King on Broadway in the background.
Photo by David Roark, courtesy of Disney.

One of big draws for the Epcot International Festival of the Arts are the Disney on Broadway concert series. 

These concerts feature some of the same performers that you see in Broadway productions, performing songs from various Disney shows!

Dining packages are available that combine dinner and reserved seating at the Disney on Broadway show.

Dinner includes 1 appetizer, 1 entree, and 1 dessert or 1 buffet, depending on the restaurant chosen.

Participating restaurants include:

  1. Akershus Royal Banquet
  2. Biergarten Restaurant
  3. Coral Reef Restaurant
  4. Garden Grill
  5. Le Cellier Steakhouse
  6. Regal Eagle Smokehouse
  7. Rose and Crown Dining Room
  8. Spice Road Table

The Disney on Broadway performances take place at the America Gardens Theatre at 5:30 PM, 6:45 PM, and 8 PM.

Here’s the schedule and performers for the 2023 Epcot International Festival of the Arts:

January 13, 15, 16, 19 & 20Kara Lindsay (Newsies) & Kevin Massey (Tarzan)
January 14, 17, 18, 21, & 22Arielle Jacobs (Aladdin) & Adam Jacobs (Aladdin)
January 23, 25, 26, 29 & 30
February 2 & 3
Patti Murin (Frozen) & Robert Creighton (The Little Mermaid)
January 24, 27, 28 & 31
February 1, 4 & 5
Mandy Gonzalez (Aida) & L. Steven Taylor (The Lion King)
February 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, 16 & 17Ashley Brown (Mary Poppins) & Michael James Scott (Aladdin)
February 7, 10, 11, 14, 15, 18 & 19Kissy Simmons (The Lion King) & Josh Strickland (Tarzan)
February 20Ashley Brown (Mary Poppins), Michael James Scott (Aladdin), Kissy Simmons (The Lion King) & Josh Strickland (Tarzan)
2023 Disney on Broadway Performances at the Epcot International Festival of the Arts

Also check the artist meet-n-greets schedule

Photo of a display of Disney art prints and paintings for sale.
Photo by Amy Smith, courtesy of Disney.

Another feature from the festival that you might want to schedule your trip around are the artist meet-and-greets.

A few artists included are:

  1. Kahran and Regis Bethencourt of CreativeSoul Photography
  2. Dylan Bonner
  3. Trevor Carlton
  4. Fenway Fan
  5. Stephan Fishwick
  6. Joe Ledbetter, painter and vinyl toy design
  7. Larissa Marantz, cartoonist, illustrator, and educator
  8. Jerrod Maruyama
  9. Yesenia Moises, children’s book illustrator and toy designer
  10. Ryan Riller, animator and illustrator for Disney Junior’s Whisker Haven Tales
  11. Ashley Taylor

In addition to meeting your favorite artist, you can also buy artwork from some of them at the galleries set up around Epcot.

The artist meet-and-greets occur all around Epcot and Disney Springs, with artists rotating each day, so be sure to check the official schedule for more information.

Pick a nearby resort to minimize transport time

Group of 4 adult friends walking with the Skyliner in the background.
Photo courtesy of Disney.

Now that you know when you want to visit, it’s time to pick a resort so you can book your Disney World vacation package.

If you’re specifically in town for the Epcot Festival of Arts, maximize your time at the festival by booking a resort close to Epcot.

Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts and Boardwalk Inn and Villas are within walking distance of Epcot.

If you’re more of a Marriott fan, the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin hotels are also nearby.

Next best would be to connect to the Epcot via Skyliner. For that, the 2 closest resorts via Skyliner are Disney’s Riviera Resort and Caribbean Beach Resort. 

Spring for the Memory Maker PhotoPass

Before you arrive, add the Memory Maker PhotoPass to your vacation package. 

The Epcot Festival of Arts includes fun photo ops around Epcot where you get to step into life-sized replicas of famous artwork like Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or photo props like the Peter Pan storybook seen below.

Plus, with it being Disney World’s 50th anniversary, there are extra fun photo opportunities available at the other theme parks, too.

If you purchase Memory Maker at least 3 days before your trip, the advance purchase price is $169. Otherwise, it will cost $199.

Load up a gift card before you go

I usually recommend getting the Disney Dining Plan to save money on food at Disney World, but this program is on hold for the time being.

Until it returns, another way to stay on budget while at the Epcot International Festival of the Arts is to load up a Disney gift card with your chosen amount.

Then, stick to using your gift card as you eat and drink around the world and snatch up some new art for your home.

Pre-order a new MagicBand+

Closeup of the 2023 Epcot International Festival of the Arts MagicBand+ featuring Figment.
Photo by Amy Smith, courtesy of Disney.

If you’re staying at a Disney World resort, you can order your MagicBand in advance at a slight discount. Both MagicBand and MagicBand+ is available.

Isn’t the Festival of the Arts MagicBand+ pictured above so cute?!

Alternatively, you can pick one up once you get there or use one you already have!

To learn more about this accessory, check out my post about the Disney MagicBand+.

Musical performances

At the World Showcase Place, see musical performances from musicians such as Nicholas Marks (guitar) and Victor Espinola (harp) daily.

Check the My Disney Experience app for scheduled show times.

Art Defying Gravity

Each week, Saturday through Wednesday, you can see acrobats perform at the World Showcase Plaza. Check the My Disney Experience app for performance times.

Expression Section: A Paint-by-Numbers Mural

Photo of people painting in squares of a mural at Epcot theme park.
Photo by Harrison Cooney, courtesy of Disney.

Over by the new World Nature neighborhood in Epcot, you can participate in a paint by number mural from 11 AM through 5 PM daily.

At Expression Section, you’ll be given a small pot of paint and a number. Then, paint in a few squares with your given number. It’s that easy!

By the end of the festival, a fun mural will be revealed – and you can say you helped out.

The best part: this activity is totally free!

Animation Academy

Over by the America Gardens Theatre, you can learn how to draw a Disney character between 12:30 PM to 1:00 PM daily. 

Lessons are taught by an animation artist. This year’s list of participating artists include Brian Blackmore, Ron Cohee, Matthew Dewater, Will Gay, David Holbrook, Alex Maher, Michael Montgomery, Sarah Schmidt, Lon Smart, and Andy Quiles.

I’ve participated in a similar activity in the past and had a blast learning how to draw Minnie Mouse!

I highly recommend this activity. Not only is it free, but it makes for a great souvenir that you can frame at home.

Visual Art in Performance

Thursdays through Sundays at 12:15 PM and 3:45 PM, you can watch a Disney artist draw a character in just minutes.

The demonstration takes place in the World Showcase Plaza. This year, the artists include Trevor Carlton and Stephen Fishwick.

Kids chalk art

Another fun activity for kiddos at the Epcot International Festival of the Arts is chalk art!

Head on over to the bridge by the World Showcase Plaza between 11 AM to 5 PM daily for this fun activity where kids have free reign to draw all over the sidewalk with chalk!

Chalk art galleries & surprises

Photo of a person drawing Disney chalk art at the Epcot Festival of the Arts.
Photo courtesy of Disney.

Speaking of chalk artists, along the bridge to the World Showcase, there are also galleries filled with professional chalk art. Perhaps in a few years, one of the kiddos will join them!

Plus, throughout the World Showcase, you just mind find a few surprise chalk drawings of Disney characters.

Drawing on Inspiration: Celebrating 50 Years of Magic

Near the Creations Shop, you’ll find a special art gallery filled with art by Disney Imagineers representing different attractions from Disney World in celebration of its 50th anniversary.

Figment’s Brush with the Masters Scavenger Hunt

Closeup of the "passport" for the 2023 Figment's Brush with the Masters scavenger hunt at the Epcot Festival of the Arts.
Photo by Amy Smith, courtesy of Disney.

In true Epcot fashion, a scavenger hunt is available during the festival – this time featuring everyone’s favorite Epcot character, Figment!

For $9.99 (plus tax), pick up a map with stickers at Creations Shop, Port of Entry, or World Traveler.

Embark on your adventure to find Figment hiding in various works of art around the World Showcase by following the map. Each time you find Figment, add a sticker to your map.

If you find all of them, bring your completed map to Disney Traders or World Traveler to trade it in for a special surprise!

Available while supplies last.

Food studios are the new food kitchens

Photo of a group of people enjoying food at a picnic table at Epcot.
Photo by Harrison Cooney, courtesy of Disney.

As with all of Epcot’s festivals, there are plenty of limited edition food and drink available. It is, after all, culinary art!

Be sure to check out these food booths, er food studios, for some super tasty treats.


In the Mexico pavilion, you’ll find El Artista Hambriento with delicious Mexican fare like carne asada and coconut flan.


At the China pavilion is The Painted Panda, you can get bubble tea, plus dishes like char siu pork buns and General Tso’s chicken shumai.


In the Germany pavilion is Pastoral Palate, serving dishes such as red wine-brained beef short ribs and wild boar cassoulet.


By the Italy pavilion is L’Arte di Mangiare, where you can get classic Italian food like ravioli and fried mozzarella.

American Adventure

Photo of 2 women clinking glasses while enjoying food at Epcot.
Photo by Amy Smith, courtesy of Disney.

In the middle of the World Showcase, by American Adventure, is Artist’s Table, serving up American comfort food like hummingbird cake, dumplings, meatloaf, and more.


At the Japan pavilion is Goshiki, which specializes in the 5 colors of Japanese cuisine. Here you’ll find fun treats like sushi donuts and daifuku mochi.


At the Tangierine Café in the Morocco pavilion, you can get grilled kebabs, almond phyllo pockets, chai tea mint mimosas, and more.

Between Morocco and France is Vibrante & Vívido with Colombian food, such as chorizo empanadas and spicy ajiaco soup.


Near the France pavilion is L’Art de la Cuisine Francaise, serving French treats such as black winter truffle croissant and warm brie in a bread bowl.


At the Canada pavilion, you’ll find Gourmet Landscapes, with mouthwatering meals made from foraged ingredients, like wild mushroom risotto and beet tartare.

Test Track

Closeup of a modern watermelon salad from Moderne at the Epcot Festival of the Arts.
Photo by Amy Smith, courtesy of Disney.

Over by Test Track is Moderne, a new food studio that offers avant garde menu items like compressed watermelon, soft-shelled crab, and more.

Disney Traders

Nearby Disney Traders is The Craftsman’s Courtyard where you can get classic dishes like beef Wellington and roasted mussels.

Port of Entry

Near Port of Entry are 3 fun food studios to check out.

Deco Delights features art deco-inspired desserts – think gold and pastels!

The Deconstructed Dish takes apart classic favorites, like BLTs, french onion soup, and key lime pie, and presents them in a new and unexpected way.

Pop Eats specializes in classic food, like grilled cheese with tomato soup or almond frangipane cake, presented with a pop art twist.


New this year is Figment’s Inspiration Station at the Odyssey: Art, Food, and Little Sparks of Magic where you can expected colorful food, like fruit pizza and rainbow cake.

Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine

Closeup photo of the artist palette cookie from the Epcot Festival of the Arts food carts.
Photo by Harrison Cooney, courtesy of Disney.

Another fun way to taste your way around the festival is on the Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine.

This fun food stroll involves trying at least 5 of 7 color-coded treats at the festival.

Each time you try one of the treats, you’ll get a special stamp that you add to your festival passport. Once you try at least 5 of the 7 treats, you can trade your passport in for a free artist palette cookie!

This year, the treats to try are:

  1. Red Stamp: Blood orange-braised beet tartare with mustard vinaigrette, pickled clamshell mushrooms, and golden beets from Gourmet Landscapes
  2. Orange Stamp: Pan-seared scallops with vanilla butternut squash purée, brown butter cauliflower purée, and lime foam from Moderne
  3. Yellow Stamp: Chorizo and potato empanada with turmeric aïoli and annatto aïoli from Vibrante & Vívido
  4. Green Stamp: Deconstructed Key Lime Pie with flexible key lime curd, “key lime” mousse, graham cracker cake, and meringues from The Deconstructed Dish
  5. Blue Stamp: Orange mousse with lemon cake and raspberry meringues from Deco Delights
  6. Indigo Stamp: Almond frangipane cake layered with raspberry jam and Belgian chocolate from Pop Eats
  7. Violet Stamp: Pop’t Art, a sugar cookie with a blueberry filling from Figment’s Inspiration Station at the Odyssey

You don’t have to complete the stroll in one visit, so you can take your time over your vacation or come back throughout the month if you’re local.

Don’t forget your Epcot Festival of the Arts merchandise

Photo of an Epcot Festival of Arts merchandise display featuring Figment the dragon.
Photo by Amy Smith, courtesy of Disney.

Last up, don’t forget to pick up a souvenir or 2 to remember your visit to Disney World for the Epcot Festival of the Arts. 

Festival merchandise includes spirit jerseys, Munchlings, tumblers, Magicbands, hats, and other fun offerings.

You can get your merch at souvenir shops in the parks or at

Have you been to the Epcot Festival of the Arts yet?

Photo of the Epcot entrance setup for the Epcot International Festival of the Arts.
Photo by David Roark, courtesy of Disney.

Let us know what your favorite part of the festival is in the comments below.

This post was originally published February 5, 2022. It was last updated January 13, 2023.

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